Cold, Cough, & Flu

When your little one isn't feeling well, the most important thing in your world is making her feel better. Whether you're trying to understand how to soothe a cough or calm a cold, find tips and tricks for making your baby feel better - fast.

My Sick Baby - Baby
Dealing With Your Baby’s First Cold

Nothing makes a parent feel more helpless than seeing their baby in pain and not being ...
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Vomit and Your Child

Despite its utter horridness, puke inevitably has to be dealt with. Kids puke; pregnant ...
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What Does Your Child’s Cough Mean?

Sometimes cold and flu season can seem like an endless stream of coughs, whether ...
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Why Sniffles Hit Hardest at Night

By Ella Brooks for Sniffle Solutions Lying down plays a role in most colds and sinus ...
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Common Cold: How Close Are We to a Cure?

By Josie Waide for Sniffle Solutions Each year, American parents hustle their kids ...
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Parents’ Top 10 Cold and Flu Soothers

By Sharon Liao for Sniffle Solutions The average kid suffers through eight colds a ...
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