EverydayFamily Community Rules

Here at EverydayFamily.com, we've created a community which is constantly evolving in which parents, soon-to-be parents, and those trying to conceive can connect and share with others going through similar experiences. Let's face it: having a baby is no easy task. But there's nothing in this world that isn't easier when you've got friends around! (Except maybe solitaire.)

EverydayFamily.com isn't just a place to come to for great information and helpful baby-related tools. It's also a perfect place for connecting with other parents going through exactly the same things as you! You can share your tips and advice, as well as experiences both good and bad. You can ask for help from a seasoned mother of three, or show off your brand new bundle of joy. With millions of mothers on the Internet, your hometown just got a lot bigger. You can plug into a vast virtual community that will support you and make you more comfortable as you go through this very exciting time in your life.

As with any community, bringing together a whole bunch of people can sometimes lead to a bit of unwanted friction. People will be people, after all. Sometimes they don't see eye to eye. Sometimes people get carried away when discussing something they are passionate about. And sometimes that can lead to other members feeling uncomfortable, something we'd very much like to avoid.

Fortunately, communities of every variety deal with these kinds of issues in a similar, proactive manner: by establishing rules, guidelines, or policies. So, in order to keep things running smoothly, and to ensure that everydayfamily.com remains a wholesome, enjoyable site to visit, we have established some simple guidelines.

While we may not be able to go through every single post with a fine-tooth comb, we will definitely be keeping an eye out for rule-breakers, and we will not hesitate to remove content if we feel that it is inappropriate. For those troublemakers that just can't seem to stop acting out, we reserve the right to temporarily or permanently relieve them of their privilege to post on everydayfamily.com.

As parents, we know that enforcing the rules helps to maintain a happy, healthy family. We want our everydayfamily.com family to operate the same way, so we've decided on the following community guidelines that we ask all members to follow.

  1. Be respectful
    This first one is a no-brainer. Heck, all of these guidelines should be no-brainers. But this one is the most important. As with any relationship, your relationship with the EverydayFamily Community is built upon respect. There is absolutely no room here for insults or personal attacks, racial slurs or offensive material. If you have even the slightest notion that something you post might hurt someone's feelings, it's probably best just not to post it.

    Now, conflicts of opinion are bound to occur. Ultimately, these are your babies we are talking about; it's a passionate subject. Just remember that we are here to help each other. Conflicting opinions and healthy debate are most certainly helpful and welcome. But you should use your common sense to prevent heated discussions from getting out of hand. If a debate begins to take a turn for the worse, you should just agree to disagree, and leave it be.


  2. Don't be TOO open
    Sharing is pretty much the whole point of the EverydayFamily Community. But always keep in mind: you are still on the Internet. No matter how much we would love to, we don't personally know every member we have, and you never know when you might encounter a bad apple. For this reason, we ask that you not post sensitive information like your phone number or address. It probably goes without saying, but posting your social security number or bank account information is a bad idea as well.

    This notion of not being too open extends beyond your own personal information too; you should never post information about another member either, without their permission. This includes not only information like their phone number, but also things like photos. If it doesn't belong to you, you shouldn't be posting it. Links to things that have been posted publicly elsewhere, on the other hand, are perfectly fine.

  3. No soliciting
    The EverydayFamily Community is a meeting place for parents, not salespeople. We're super happy for you if you have the hookup for cheap baby formula or if you sell handmade diaper bags on the internet, but we DO NOT want to hear about it. EverydayFamily.com is not a place for members to post advertisements; we can take care of that ourselves (hey, we gotta keep the lights on, right?). If there is any possibility that you could make a dime of profit from something you post, you shouldn't be posting it. If you are interested in advertising on the site, please click here.

  4. Keep it SFW (Safe For Work)
    If you wouldn't pull it up on your lunch break at work with your boss passing by, don't post it. Of course, we understand that pregnancy, and life in general, can get pretty graphic sometimes; but please, use good judgment when posting anything you think others may rather not see.

  5. Help us help you
    While we are certainly going to be moderating the community, removing anything that might not adhere to these standards, you should not hesitate to flag anything that you feel is inappropriate. Members like you build the EverydayFamily Community, so if you see something you feel shouldn't be there, help us protect the other members by flagging it. We'll really appreciate it, and we know the rest of the community will too.

If you have any questions about these guidelines, or if you feel that something you posted was removed unjustly, feel free to Contact Us.

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EverydayFamily Community Rules

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