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Pregnancy Complications

Wondering where that 'pregnancy glow' is while all you are feeling is bloated and nauseated? For all the joy involved, pregnancy can also be a particularly uncomfortable and challenging time for a woman. Learn about morning sickness, swelling, heartburn, constipation, and the myriad of problems in between, below!

Pregnancy Complications - Pregnancy
Here’s Another Scary Reason Not to Drink Alcohol During Pregnancy

A new study shows that drinking alcohol during pregnancy may have a scary side effect on ...
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What Is Preeclampsia?

Preeclampsia seems to be one of those medical terms that is casually thrown around during ...
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5 Signs of Preterm Labor

Many moms, especially first-time mothers, but even those of us who have more than one ...
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What To Do If You Have a Hernia While Pregnant

When you think about it, sometimes it seems like a freaking miracle that we even make it ...
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What Is Polyhydramnios?

I've never been what you could call a small pregnant woman. But when I started to ...
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The Role of Progesterone in Preventing Miscarriage

Historically, doctors have treated women in a lot of different--and sometimes ...
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