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Are you wondering how tall your little one may grow up to be? Let our Height Predictor help you. By entering just a few variables below, you can find out your baby's predicted height using the Gray Method.

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  1. sdvsdfndsj says:

    its telling me i’m gonna be 5’3 and i’m 11 years old and im 5’6 like wtf

  2. Myndi says:

    That’s the fun thing about PREDICTORS. They’re not necessarily right or wrong because it’s essentially a guess. For fun I did mine as well as my daughters. It guessed 5’3″ for me and at 37 I stand 5’5″ so it was close. I’m curious to see how close it is for my 14 year which it’s predicting she’ll be 5’7″ (her dad is 6’3″) and my 2 year old which it’s predicting she’ll be 5’1″ (her dad is 5’3″).

  3. Catherine says:

    I just did this because I was curious as to how tall I should have been. I’m 49 yrs old, and I stand at 4ft 9in. My Mother was 5ft 2in, and my Dad was 6ft. It said I should have been 5ft 4in. WRONG!!!!

  4. Cecil says:

    So my mom is 4,11 and my dad is 6,3 so it’s saying I’m going to be 5,3 in the adult years but right now I’m 4,8 so how I’m going to be 5,3 it’s so wrong

  5. Abigail says:

    So my mom is 5”11” and my mom 6”0” And I am at grown 5”7” 1/2. It calculated me being 5”8” pretty close. With all things life gives you surprises.

  6. Gavin says:

    Don’t take this thing to heart, The generator said I would be 5’9 but at the current moment I stand at almost 6’6

  7. shit says:

    this thing is so wrong it says I’m gonna be 5’10 that cant be right i am 10 and i am 5’4

  8. Branford says:

    This calculator is saying I will be 6’2 but I’m 13 and I’m 5’9 but my dad is 6’1 and my mom is 5’9 so it can’t be right

  9. Caroline says:

    ._. The calculator says I will be 5’5 (both my parents are 5’8/5’9) but I’m 15 1/2 and 5’2 and a half. I have only increased 1 and a half inches in height in the past two/three years so I personally estimate my adult height will be around 5’3. I think the reason why I am short is because of genetics (I have a short grandmother) and possibly because I was born extremely premature

  10. jasminex says:

    OKAY GIRL! I am 13 & 9 months old. I am already almost 5’5 and you’re trying to tell me i will be 5’2. I think the f*ck not! I would put in my dads actual height that he was supposed to be but he was sick when he was born and his growth stunted. So he did not reach his full growth palatial. I am already taller than him so that just goes to show will probably be 5’8, as my mother is 5’6 or 7 & im sure my dad was supposed to grow to 5’7 which is considered “short” but that is better than 5’3 or 4. This is BULLSH*T. get your facts right. thank you, goodbye! anf i nly did this is bc i want to be a model with that i have to be 5’8 at least thats the shortest and even thats tall.

    • Eyan says:

      1. You and a 10 year old I saw on here are the only ones using swears and there is no need for them okay, 2. If you are a girl and almost 14 than you are probably done growing forever

  11. Anthony says:

    According to this my sister was supposed to be 5’4 but she’s 5’10. My family is pretty sure it’s because of our grandads, my mom’s dad is 6’5 and my dad’s dad was 6’0. This says I’m supposed to be 5’10. Since she grew a extra 6 inches does this mean I’m going to as well and be 6’4? You guys really need to include grandparents because they play a role too

  12. karma says:

    so im 13 and 5’1, my mother is 5’2 and my father is 5’6. ya’ll say im gonna be 5’1. my doctor says im gonna be 5’5, and plus im a transmale (ftm) and i dont wanna be short lol

    • jaylen says:

      bro im 12 and 5’8 and my mom is 5’1 and my dad is 6’1 but whatever u do dont lift weights and eat healthy and take natrual vitamins and you should grow taller

  13. Member says:

    My son turned 13 5 months ago. He just hit 6ft. Im 5’5 and my husband is 6’7. Not sure when he will stop growing but im sure he will be pretty tall!

  14. David says:

    Is it normal for a 13 year old to be 5’10. Because im 5,10

  15. Kenneth says:

    I’m a boy. I am 12 turning 13 years old. I am 5’3. Doctors I am suppose to be 6’1 or something. But y’all say I’m gonna be 5’11.

  16. Tyquan says:

    I’m 5’11 I’m 13 years old but dad is 6’4 my mom 5’8

  17. Dylan says:

    My mum is 5’0 and dad is 5’6 it said I should be 5’6 but am 14 and already 5’11

  18. Toreigh says:

    Uh my mom and dad are both 5’9 and my brother is 6’4…..

  19. Ashley says:

    I am 5’4 and dad is 5’4.. it said child’s height will be 5’7.. our oldest is almost 13 and already 5’7!!

  20. Karnvir says:

    dad is 5.7 mom is 5.3 and I am 4.10 1 am10 and it said 5.8

  21. ERIN says:

    I’m 11 and 5’5 and it told me I’m going to be 5’3

  22. moon says:

    This is way off!!! My little cousin is 13 ( Female ) the prediction says she will be 5’9″ according to the height of the Mom who is 5’10 and the father is 6’2″. She is 13 and already 6’3. It’s way off!!

  23. Crystal says:

    This is not accurate at all. The calculator predicts my daughter will be 5’4, but she is already 5’5 at age 12 and she is in her grown spurt now. I tried another height predictor, it said my daughter would be 5′ 11. LOL

  24. Cody says:

    I don’t know how accurate this is. Because doesn’t genetics play a role in this? My mom is 5’4 to 5’5 and my dad was 6’1 my moms family is all 5’10 in average and my dads grandad was 6’4 his dad is 6’3 my uncle is 6’2 so wouldn’t that play a role. I’m not complaining I’m 5’11 and I just turned 16 and I’m a tiny bit of a late bloomer, I didn’t really start getting taller until 7th grade. And all my friends were hitting growth spurts in 6th grade so I’m holdinnout hope for a 6’1

    • Marshall says:

      no worries, i was 4 foot 8 in 6th were way taller then me. then i hit a growth spurt in 8th grade and went from 4 foot 8 to 5 foot 3. i was 5 foot 6 when i was 14.5 and i am now 6 1 and 17. my dad is 6 foot 3 and every generation on my fathers side are all over 6 foot 1 since 1870

    • Abigail says:

      my mom was 5’7 and my dad was 6’2 and im exactly 5 foot tall but all my sisters are all between 5’3 and 5’6 so explain that lol

  25. Germe says:

    This doesn’t sound right, it said I would be about 5’11, when I recorded my height, I’m 5’6 and I’m 12, plus on my grandmas side of the family, her dad and my uncle are both 6’5, so would my height be wrong, or am I just overthinking it?


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