Postpartum Blues & Depression

The rush of emotions which affect all mothers post pregnancy can be overwhelming and confusing. Heavy mood swings after child birth are not uncommon; however, if you, or a loved one, are worried that it could be something more, use our expert articles for information, symptoms, signs, and advice on postpartum blues and depression.

Postpartum Blues & Depression - Baby
The FDA Just Approved the First Medication Specifically for Postpartum Depression

The FDA has just announced that it has approved the first medication on the market ...
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How to Tell the Difference Between the Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression

If you’re feeling sad, and aren’t quite sure if you’re experiencing the baby blues ...
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How Long Can Postpartum Depression Last?

Hayden Panettiere, who has been so open about her journey with postpartum depression ...
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A Surprising Potential Cure for Postpartum Depression

There are a lot of interesting methods to treat postpartum depression, including eating ...
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Moms Share Their Stories: Postpartum Depression

It is estimated that 9 to 16% of moms will experience postpartum ...
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Depression after Maternity Leave Ends

As a child, I always wanted to "grow up" to be a working mom. When I entered junior ...
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