Safety Tips

Bumps and bruises are just a part of life with an adventurous preschooler. However, that doesn't mean there aren't steps you can take to ensure his safety - as much as possible - without locking him in his room. Find the information and advice you need to keep him safe in these articles.

Safety & Injuries - Preschooler
The Child-Safety Issue No One Wants to Talk About

  In a nation where more than 40% of all homes contain firearms, ...
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5 Tips for Poison Prevention

Children can find their way into anything and everything within their reach. They’re ...
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Preschooler Car Safety: 5 Types of Safety Restraints

You can’t control the other drivers on the road, but you can keep your child safe in ...
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Hand Washing vs. Hand Sanitizer: Which One Gets Your Child’s Hands Cleaner?

As parents, we cringe when we think of all the germs kids come into contact with on ...
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Teaching Children About Strangers

Recognizing Strangers Teach your children that anyone they do not know is a ...
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How to Perform Basic CPR: Infants to Preschool-aged Children

There are minutes in between the beginning of a catastrophic event and death. If you can ...
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